For a professional appearance of your business.

A well-made order hotline gives customers security through a personal interview to get exactly the product they want.

In many cases, the order hotline is the first contact a customer has with a company. Thus, it is important for customers to be welcomed properly. A friendly and competent taking of orders or inquiries is often as important as the job of specialised staff that deliver detailed information about products and services. Another significant point is to be available for your customers and not to leave them waiting.

Responding to the needs of customers.

The ideas and wishes of the people are very different and that’s why we also offer the reception of orders through other means of communication, such as e-mail, SMS or an online form. In addition, we can take on logistical tasks such as storage and shipping of products and information documents incl. personalised cover letters.

Our Order Hotline Features:

  • Friendly customer reception
  • Professional dialog
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Cost transparency