Armed with the CCS Malfunction Hotline for each incident.

In technical malfunctions and in emergency situations, customers want to reach the right person in your company rapidly.

The increasing complexity of products, especially in the technical field, leads to customer’s inability to resolve problems to which they are normally dependent on the assistance of specialised staff. To have a working solution to this dilemma on hand is part of good customer service that is expected from the customer.

Competent support with any problem.

To this end, we provide our service center including a malfunction hotline, and work with you on tailor-made business solutions and emergency plans. Our agents are trained to meet the special needs of your business, and take care of the recording of customer data including problem descriptions, forwarding received data to the respective contact person or standby technicians, and engineering specified route planning.

Should you not have a network of standby technicians or equivalent available, we can advise you  about various options and support you in building an international network of external service providers.

CCS Fault Hotline Features:

  • 24/7 Service
  • Customized emergency and escalation plans
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Cost transparency