Medical Assistance is the organisation of assistance in important health matters, such as in case of illness or accident.

For many years, we have provided medical care for customers and employees of our clients after they have come down with a health or medical problem. Especially abroad, where people lack confidence in the local medical facilities and where there are language barriers, it is important to have a reliable and experienced partner who is responding accurately and quickly. We are ready, around the clock, to organize the best possible emergency help available in the world and also in the most difficult situations.

Medical Assistance – service around a medical incident.

We offer assistance with any problems that are directly or indirectly related to an accident or sickness.

  • On-site medical care though specialists doctors
  • Relocation and medical transport
  • Retrieval back home or to the nearest hospital
  • Medical advice and second opinion
  • Treatment, care and support
  • Legal advice and interpreters
  • Organisation/acquiring medicine
  • Transfer of the deceased or organisation of funeral
  • Tackling bureaucratic hurdles
  • Temporary acquisition of the fallen costs